Houston Skill Upgradation and Testing Centre

There are several reasons that make Houston your chosen destination for skill testing, and recruitment. These include:
  • Large area with expanded layout to accommodate a large number of candidates at one go.
  • Fool proof biometric scanning and video footage of the testing process to ensure that there is no proxy involved in the testing process.
  • Testing facilities with state of the art equipment for multiple trades.
  • Specially catered to conveniences for your overseas clients.
  • Trained testing faculty that offer you the guarantee of skill and productivity.
  • Well chartered curriculum that ensures that the skills imparted are imbibed with adequate practical skill upgradation.
  • Residential skill upgradation facility that ensures that your candidates for skill up gradation remain in house for the duration and do not drop out.
  • Expert trainers who can help trades people upgrade and learn new skills and make them competent for overseas employment.
  • Highly automated and fool proof process of recruitment with safeguards at every stage.
  • Detailed Assessment sheet that enable you to analyze candidate skill in every parameter.
  • Flexible packages that enable you to hire and pay only for the facilities you require.
  • Excellent hospitality services for your clients to ensure their goodwill.
  • Economical pricing to ensure that you always remain well within your budget.
  • Prospects of multi locational hiring of facilities to ensure similarity of the quality of experience across geographies.
  • Attentive and customer friendly staff who will go out of their way to fulfill your demands.
Here you can invite your overseas client, treat him with world-class hospitality and facilities, host your potential recruits, and test and interview them in comfort and convenience. The facility includes the latest tools and equipment that your recruits will be using in their overseas assignments so the test will be conducted in actual field conditions. The facility is purpose built to satisfy the most demanding clients from overseas and built by people with in depth knowledge of the requirements of overseas recruiters.
Unlike other trade centers who offer just testing and certification, Houston combines business facilities so that you can conduct a large number of interviews in our spacious cabins and conference rooms. Secretarial help is at hand for your convenience, as is hospitality features like well appointed rooms for the client to rest and dine, a full fledged dining room and canteen for your recruits and modern telecommunication, and office infrastructure.
Our Centeres are equally convenient for interviewing and finalizing recruitment of white collar employees like CEO’s and General Managers etc. The facilities include ample parking, conference facilities, interview rooms and center wide wi-fi that will make it equally comfortable as your own office.
  • Steel Fixer
  • Shuttering Carpenter
  • Gypsum Carpenter
  • Furniture Carpenter
  • Scaffolding
  • POP
  • All types of Mason
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Pipe Fitter
  • A/C Technician
  • Duct Fabricator
  • Duct Insulator
  • Pipe Insulator
  • Cooks & Hospitality Staff
  • Housekeeping
Up-Coming Trades that can be tested:
  • Welding
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Auto Electrician
While Houston offers you the best in terms of comfort, convenience, it is also a place that is far more economical to use. We serve you with the best in class facilities with zero compromise, so that you feel at home with all the conveniences that you require.
Once your candidates arrive at Houston, they will never have to leave the facility for anything. They will be made comfortable, have every facility at their fingertips to ensure that they are ready when called for trade testing or an interview. Water coolers, comfortable seating in air conditioned waiting rooms, snacks and food at our canteen, Xerox and printing facilities, all required facilities are made available in the Houston premises, so your candidates will be available to you at all times.
  • Welcome to the Houston Skill Up gradation and Testing centre.
  • Check into your office and prepare for the day ahead.
  • Potential candidates are received, biometric identification done, and seated.
  • Batches taken for testing and certification under client supervision.
  • Staff waits in reception room for interviews.
  • Interviewing team conducts individual interviews and selects candidates.
  • Food, snacks and drinks on call.
  • Orientation room for new recruits.
  • Secretarial help for processing papers.
  • Xerox and duplicating facilities.
  • Relaxation room and dining facilities for clients.
  • Closure of recruitment.
We have a technology enabled testing and certification process that will ensure that the right candidate is received and tested, without any use of proxies. Candidates have to undergo biometric face reading, before they enter the test area. On entering the test area, his biometrics is once again checked to ensure that the same person is appearing for the test. The Test Specialist will then set up a task for him, and time his work duration. On completion of the test task, a picture is taken of the completed task and attached to his application form along with his picture in the back – ensuring that the results are visible to the interviewer. These details are available online. The process of certification and grading is exhaustive and every aspect of the candidate's skills are tested and graded. This ensures that our certification is a statement of the skills and ability of the candidate. You can also video tape the entire process of testing and certification for further validation or sending to the client.
We have parameterized testing and deliver marking on the quality of work as well as their productivity. This ensures that our certified staff will be contributing to productivity from day one. Our trainers have long exposure to gulf working and have handled multi million dollar projects in this region.

In an increasingly competitive business scenario, companies are not just seeking people who know their trade, but are more often seeking workers who can deliver superior productivity.

Houston Testing and Skill Up-gradation Center is an organization that enrolls people with skills, and upgrade their capabilities in using the latest tools and increase their productivity.

The result is that you get a worker who delivers superior productivity from day one. You get workers who are familiar with the modern tools, international work methodology and are competent to deliver greater output.

With demand for skilled tradesmen increasing by the day, available pools of traditional talent are drying up. To augment supply of trained manpower, Houston has set up a large skill upgradation and skill up gradation facility in the satellite township of Bhiwandi. This center has Skill upgradation for a wide and increasing variety of trades in demand and is housed over a sprawling 50,000 sq feet of space. We offer residential courses for prospective tradesmen who live, work and train within our premises.

We have a network of centers for skill upgradation and certification in locations that include Kurla, Bhiwandi, Delhi and Ghorakpur. This makes it easy for overseas recruiters to do their sourcing, and access certified candidates from different geographies. The Delhi and Ghorakpur centers are spread over an area of 10,000+ sq feet and are equally well equipped for its purpose.

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