At Houston we provide the following Civil Courses:

  • Mason: Tiler, Plaster, Block layer, Concreter, Marble, Brick layer & Water Proofing
  • Carpenter: Shuttering Carpenter, False work with GASS equipment
  • Steel Fixer / Bar Bender: Beam, Column, Slab
  • Scaffolder: Scaffolding on all types of equipment like Kwikstage, Cuplok & Tube & Coupler
  • Wall Painter: Spray painting, roller, brush work, wood painting/polishing, Gypsum jointing
  • Furniture carpenter
  • Finishing carpenter
  • Furniture Polisher (Hand & Spray Gun)
  • Carving Carpenter
  • Marble Cutter and Grinder
  • Marble Moulder
  • Marble Fixer and Marble Polisher
  • Shuttering Carpenter

  • Wall partition, False ceiling, Door/Window work, Gypsum board work
  • Wood polishing / Wood painting, Wood panelling
  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Decorative & texture painting (exterior & interior wall)
  • Stone Cladding, Wall tiling, Decorative plastering
  • Marble flooring, Marble setting
  • Industrial Spray Painter
  • Wall Spray Painter
  • Industrial Brush Painter
  • P O P & Gypsum
  • P O P Sheet and Gypsum Board Fixing

Our Skills

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